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Our commitment to supporting patient access

Adaptive Assist™ Patient Support Program

Adaptive Biotechnologies understands that each patient’s situation is unique. We are committed to providing guidance and support during each step of the insurance process.

Why we offer Adaptive Assist Patient Support Program: to help facilitate access to clonoSEQ testing services for patients who could benefit from the clinical insights provided by next-generation measurable residual disease (MRD) testing.

How to Apply

Here is what you can expect as we work with you, your healthcare team, and/or your health insurance plan.

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Call our hotline to discuss your individual circumstances and to see if you might qualify.

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Complete and submit the Adaptive Assist Patient Support Program application to apply.

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Adaptive will notify you of your qualification status and work with you to find appropriate support.

How do I make a payment?

We currently offer two convenient payment options-online and mail.

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To submit a credit card payment online, visit:

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To submit a payment by mail, send a copy of your Adaptive patient statement along with a check or money order to:

Adaptive Biotechnologies
Dept LA 24084
Pasadena, CA 91185-4084

Access the resources below to learn more about the Adaptive Assist patient support program, review answers to a list of commonly asked questions, and apply for financial assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adaptive Biotechnologies is the company that offers the clonoSEQ Assay, a test for detecting and tracking measurable residual disease, the small number of cancer cells that may remain in your body during and after treatment for cancer.

Depending on the type of insurance you have, coverage for clonoSEQ testing may differ. Adaptive will bill your insurance company directly and work with your plan to obtain the proper level of coverage for clonoSEQ. If your insurance plan limits or fully denies coverage for clonoSEQ, Adaptive will appeal the claim when possible and work on your behalf to seek payment for testing.

In some cases, you may still have financial responsibility for clonoSEQ. Please call our Patient Support Team at 1-855-236-9230 to understand your potential financial responsibility, verify your coverage, or discuss payment plan options. Be sure to talk to your doctor about how clonoSEQ may fit into your treatment plan before initiating testing.

Medicare covers clonoSEQ testing performed on bone marrow and blood samples from patients with CLL*, multiple myeloma or B-cell ALL at multiple time points throughout a patient’s treatment. When there is reason to believe Medicare will not cover the test, you will be asked to review and sign an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) informing you that Medicare considers the test to be noncovered, the reason why testing is not covered, and of your financial responsibility. For billing questions or to discuss the Adaptive Assist Patient Support Program, please contact our Patient Support Team at 1-855-236-9230.

* clonoSEQ testing for CLL is available as a CLIA validated laboratory-developed test (LDT) service from Adaptive Biotechnologies. clonoSEQ has not been cleared or approved by the FDA for use in CLL patients.

To be eligible for financial assistance, a patient must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a US citizen or legal resident age 18 years or older;
    – Patients under the age of 18 are eligible, but require the application form to be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Be uninsured or have insurance that does not cover the full cost of clonoSEQ testing;
  • Meet financial need requirements based on the patient’s income and the number of persons in their household, or meet financial need based on medical expenses as a percentage of their household income, and;
  • Submit a completed and signed Patient Support Program Application Form.
    – NOTE: Patients should be prepared to provide documentation supporting financial need if selected for the program’s eligibility verification process.

If desired, Adaptive can assist with the retrieval of archived pathology specimens. Requests for this assistance must be indicated in the Specimen Information section of the TRF. To enable pathology specimen retrieval, the patient’s complete pathology report must be included with the signed TRF.

If you received a payment directly from your insurance company for clonoSEQ testing, you are required to forward the payment and related Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to Adaptive Biotechnologies as the provider of these testing services. Please call our Patient Support Team at 1-855-236-9230 as soon as possible to learn how to forward the payment and necessary corresponding documents to Adaptive Biotechnologies.

If you have a financial responsibility for clonoSEQ testing, Adaptive Biotechnologies currently offers two payment options—online and by mail. To submit a credit card payment online, visit To submit a payment via the mail, send a copy of your clonoSEQ patient statement along with a personal check or money order made out to Adaptive Biotechnologies to the address below.

Adaptive Biotechnologies
Dept LA 24084
Pasadena, CA 981185-4084

Adaptive Biotechnologies will perform an upfront eligibility verification process of patients applying for financial assistance. If selected to participate, you may receive a letter informing you that you initially qualified for assistance, but supporting documentation will be required to verify your application.

You will then be required to provide documentation demonstrating financial need within 45 days of notification that you have been selected for the verification process.

Once we review your application along with the documentation you provide, we will send you a letter regarding your program qualification outcome and your level of financial assistance, if applicable. Your approval for financial assistance will be valid for a period of one year.

If you have any questions regarding the Adaptive Assist Patient Support Program, please call our Patient Support Team at 1-855-236-9230. Representatives are available Monday through Thursday 9AM to 7PM and Friday 9AM to 5PM EST.

This page is intended for use by healthcare professionals of the United States.